Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers):

Q. Can I select my own bathroom fixtures and fittings?
A. Yes, when you engage All areas tiling we are looking after you. So if it is cheaper or easier for you to purchase all the items we will make a list with you on what needs to be purchased to be ready onsite for your renovation. On the other hand, if time is your enemy we will gladly suggest a few great suppliers we use where you can easily and quickly make your selections and receive a trade discount.

Q. What tradespeople do we use?
A. All areas tiling uses only licensed tradesmen who give certificates and guarantee their workmanship. We only use tradesmen who are friendly, honest and clean workers.

Q. What do I need to do to before you start?
A. Just clean out your bathroom or ensuite and the area surrounding where we will be working. Before starting, we can lay our protective flooring and dust sheets so we can get straight into it.

Q. What about the clean up and rubbish?
A. All rubbish that we remove from the renovation is disposed of throughout the job and the site is kept safe and clean.

Q. Is there much disruption and how long will it take?
A. Yes there is always a little disruption but we try to be conscious of you and your family. If you can’t be without the bathroom for that period we can help you organise a temporary toilet and shower. A standard renovation lasts around 2-3 weeks from start to finish, but obviously the length of time depends not he size of the project.