• Bathrooms As An Integral Part Of Interior Design In An Adelaide Home

    Bathrooms As An Integral Part Of Interior Design In An Adelaide Home

    Oftentimes, the bathroom is deemed secondary if not the least priority for homeowners in purchasing a pre-designed home. However, when homeowners realise the importance of functional space, they tend to opt for a renovation in Adelaide.

    For us, a good design doesn’t always equate to how appealing it looks and feels, but rather how it works. That’s why bathroom renovations in Adelaide are encouraged, especially when you feel uncomfortable in a very private space.

    Bathrooms in any home serve the basic function of hygiene, but it is also a place where most people relax by taking a shower, submerging themselves in the bath and having ‘me’ time. So, if you believe this luxurious moment with yourself is hampered by a lacklustre space, it’s best to spruce up your bathroom.

    While our team can offer you services for your toilet renovation in Adelaide, it’s also better to have an idea in mind of what you envision for your new bathroom. To help you, here’s a guide of what you should consider:

    1. Choose The Tiles You Like

    Tiles make up the most of a bathroom so choosing the best one for you is vital. There are numerous options and variations such as concrete, texture, gloss, matte finish, colour and more. Don’t be afraid of going bold such as a pop of colour, contrast or dark tones. At All Areas Tiling, we will help you marry all the elements together to achieve the ultimate look.

    2. Consider Adding Character

    Since bathrooms in Adelaide are the most personal space, it’s important to be comfortable with how it looks overall. You don’t have to worry about incorporating some personality within this space as you can mix it up with the design you have chosen – be it organic, quirky, playful or minimalist.

    3. Storage And Containers

    In any home, storage is vital so it is important to consider the height and the accessibility of common items used inside the bathroom such as hair products, skin products, towels, toilet papers and more. The most common solution to properly organise your bathroom essentials is to either have high, low, or suspended cabinets.

    Shelves can potentially increase the area for your bath basics too, so it should be considered. Additionally, putting bath essentials into a decorative container such as marble or ceramic designed containers can avoid the potential eyesore of products in various containers placed on shelves and counters.

    4. Textile Combination

    Combining textiles within your bathroom can be surprisingly pleasant. Your choice of towel can be a decorative element too. Try recreating a beach style vibe by incorporating prints and colours ranges that can create an interesting contrast with the rest of the elements in your bathroom. This way, you can create a harmonious space that has a good flow of elements.

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